New to Data Science Help, Been Stuck for Hours

I am currently in a beginning data science course and this task has got me to my frustration point even though it’s just filling in the blanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

#Code task 5#
#Count (using .sum()) the number of missing values (.isnull()) in each column of
#ski_data as well as the percentages (using .mean() instead of .sum()).
#Order them (increasing or decreasing) using sort_values
#Call pd.concat to present these in a single table (DataFrame) with the helpful column names ‘count’ and ‘%’

missing = fill_in_blank_1([ski_data.fill_in_blank_2.fill_in_blank_3, 100 * ski_data.fill_in_blank_4.fill_in_blank_5], axis=1)

  • What’s the link to the lesson?
  • What is your error message?

Also, when posting code, it’s preferred if you can please format it.