New to Community and want to make my own website

Hello, I’m new here and wanted to know that if I have a purchased domain, would I be able to build my own website without a host like godaddy?

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What host do you intent to use then? You can buy a domain, but without a server to host a domain is useless.

ok, wasn’t sure if it is possible, thanks for letting me know.

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There are a lot of layers in hosting a website.

Do you know what DNS is? A domain is merely a human friendly name which translates into an IP-address (bunch of numbers understood by computer using DNS)

sure, you can host your own website, but the security risk is simply not worth the low cost of cheap servers these day

furthermore, if you want to host a static website to start with, you can start with github pages, which is free.

Thanks, If I decide to purchase on a monthly prescription to CodeAcademy; would I be able to make my website the way I want (interactive) with a host such as GoDaddy?

GitHub pages, can it be utilized as a full ecommerce site?

Ive learned a lot by just starting a droplet at Digital Ocean and following tutorials. They have a great tutorials showing how to build a host with NGNX and Apache2 using reverse proxy. You need to begin by learning to use a SSH client to access your droplet.
You can also start a droplet that already is configured with a server app and just do the frontend (HTML,CSS,JAVA) stuff if you prefer.

I do have a pretty good understanding of the internet and computer, but could you tell me in technical terms what it is in regards to websites? Are the hosts the gatekeepers?

Codecademy might be a good starting point, but I don’t think everything you need is covered

an e-commerce website does not qualify as a static website. But then, I had no of knowing your intentions and current skill-level. Also, with e-commerce there are a lot of pre-build and highly configurable CMS and tools available. Something you need to think about

there are good blog post about this already, I would recommend you to use google to find them and do some reading

Thanks for your time!

The host is basically just a PC with server software installed and connected to the internet. A lot of knowledge can be gained just by going through the process and following the tutorials.
Gateways or access points are like your internet service provider, and just allow access to the internet.
If your just getting started I would highly recommend the “Terminal course” here at code academy it is free

Thank You So Much, I hope to learn lots here

What do you think of C++ language?

As a language in general, or specifically for building an e-commerce website? Your questions could do with a little more context

I am just beginning, I have never attempted to learn coding before now. Any knowledge you have would be wonderful.

Im not a great person to ask about C++, but a friend (C++ Dev) told me Golang was an easier one to start out with and so I have been helping with a Github project and am getting there :wink:
Dont push yourself to hard, I know myself I seem to learn the most in 2 hr or less segments. Take plenty of breaks :wink:

So, There are how many lanuages out there? Are they specific to task? A general knowledge of them all is good? For building an interactive website?

I should’ve gone into computers in 97!

If you want to build a website I would suggest HTML, CSS, and java script. You get to know them languages I think then you will have a good idea how things work if/when you want to learn more about other languages, its really a matter of deciding on a direction. The Web development stuff will always be useful imo.

Actually you would have been completely reschooled by now if you had started in 1997. youve not missed a thing, it is just getting good!