New to coding, "noob" question!


I recently purchased a website that is easy to edit with little to no coding skills. It is basically plug and play, much like editing a power point. My problem is that I am trying to link an advertisement from Amazon to my site, yet it will only accept HTML code. Here is the script:

<script src="//"></script>

Is this something that can be converted to HTML successfully, or am I just out of luck? Thanks in advance!


<script></script> is HTML. Nothing to convert. Is this being inserted inline in the page?


Hmm, I looked at the "app" that accepts code in the website editor. It only accepts HTTPS code, i'm guessing what I linked before is not? Sorry I know very little about this.


This is what I suspected. Just add the protocol to the URL...



Ok, I switched my code to: script src="HTTPS://"></script

Still no luck. I've looked through pages of support articles for the website i'm using, i'm starting to think it won't work,


Try removing the leading //. I was able to access the link that way, but I'm not sure it will work with your hosting provider.


That will never do. It's part of TCP-IP.


Lowercase is the standard.



That portion of the URI is case-insensitive. He could HtTpS if he really wanted to and he would get to the same spot. The browser would set it to lowercase for convention sake, but that's about it. I don't remember the RFC for it but I do remember the case does not matter.

So far as the leaving off the // part, I am willing to bet Amazon servers will automatically route to an https connection once the request hits the server and really he's got nothing to lose by trying. Plus, as I mentioned, I was able to access the link by removing the leading //.


Love your response; as much as I love being called out; really, I do, and live for it. By this means we get truly useful information to rise to the surface. It never just happens. The minute we get pedantic we lose, and so does the reader. Stuff like this you couldn't buy.


I appreciate all your help, I tried several different ways.. including all lowercase first. The caps was a last attempt, hence why it was copy and pasted.


Try e-mailing their tech support, if you haven't already.


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