New to Coding could use some insite

Hello Everybody I’m Ethan and I’m 20 years old. I am new to the coding world and I would like to get a job in the field of computers. Can I use the skills that I learn from here to pursue a career or do I need to get a certification. My other question is does codecademy give you a certification for completing there courses

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codecademy is a good start, but its not enough to land a job. You will need to learn more after finishing codecademy

Codecademy does not give certificates, but a certificate would be useless anyway. There is no way that Employers can verify you didn’t cheat.

Build a portfolio, build project, much more valuable then a certificate

Where would I go to learn more, any suggestions ?

That highly depends on what you need to learn, you could start by googling. There are general sites like udemy or specific for front-end web development sites like freecodecamp. There are so many, sololearn, codeschool, too many to list here

I want to do more of DBA or analyst so if i finish codecademy and then move on and learn more from maybe one of the places you listed then I would be able to get a job in the field? Hypothetically of course.


Eventually yes, as self-taught programmer it can be difficult. Don’t know, you might need to do an internship first, everyone finds different ways into the field, maybe a bootcamp, getting guidance from a senior developer can help.

Well i appreciate the help I am going to look further into this later on but for now I’m just going to be working mainly on databases and servers

Hey @trailblazer0808 , also “” is a good resource.

@trailblazer0808, join meetup, and get familiarized with the particular group you interested with through meetup. You would be able to get a better sense of the field, and also get to know people in the industry. This industry is about connections, and most of them are ready to help each other.
I am a bootcamp student currently.

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