New to coding and looking to learn in a ny academy or insistute


Hello Fellow Learners and Masters,

I am new to coding and would like to hear your opinion in regards of an academy in US or Europe or Asia that offers a challenging but enriching academy experience that will take me to my 2nd step of coding.


(Trying to incline towards C++ or Python for application on apps and software development)


Hi, how are you!

Welcome! Make yourself home ;).

That’s wonderful. If you’re looking to software development, i suggest you to stick with C++! It’s an incredible language. The pointers and memory management are truly powerful!

Otherwise if you’re looking for Big Data and machine learning, Python might be your guy!



Thank you kindly for your advice!

Is there an, in person, academy or institute that you have heard is remarkable at teaching C++ or Python?

Would really help my next steps!


Im sorry, but no :frowning:.

But, i think if you google for Software Engeneering in your perimeter, you should have some nice options!

However, even if you start with C++, don’t forget to learn Python, as a second language.

Both are beautiful languages! I’m learning both atm, but focusing in Python!

If you need help with anything, just dm me!

See you around!


Hey Caio,

How could I DM you? I am a bit confused in certain topics maybe with your experience I could find my north!