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Hello everyone

I am new here. I just started out coding and looking for some advice, any advice. I have tried SQL so far and understand it somewhat. I have also considered looking at Python as well. any thoughts would be helpful (Direction to go, coding to start with). I do enjoy coding I am just trying to find my flow and also look for any encouragement/advice as well.

Hi there,

I believe that the path you take will depend on your interests. Codecademy does have a handy little quiz to take if you are unsure of it yourself–But it all comes down to you! What are you trying to learn? Or, what are you trying to accomplish? Answering those kinds of questions will help you narrow it down yourself.

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Peruse this particular category as well. There are lots of other learners’ stories and helpful advice too.

@lisalisaj which category are you referring to?

The category that this message is in: Community>Careers, Journeys, and Stories.
(or, use the search functionality on the site).

This is also a good resource:

Here’s a bunch of other learners’ posts with good advice:

And here too:

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