New to Codecademy. How to pick up where I left off?


I’ve just signed up for Codecademy after going quite a ways into the Python course as a “guest” (got as far as the ‘scrabble’ lesson). Is there a way can I pick up from there? The site keeps telling me that I haven’t started the course yet.
Of course, if I am asking this question in the wrong forum, please point me in the right direction. :grin:
Thanks for any help!


guest lesson completion isn’t stored anywhere, so i am afraid you will have to start again. Why would you go that far before registering? That is quit far in the course


First and foremost, thanks for the quick response. Guest lesson status not being stored is pretty much the answer I expected. Still, it never hurts to ask.
The reason I waited so long to register is partly because I don’t easily trust signing up for much of anything online. The other part is the initial lessons were extremely basic and I wasn’t sure I’d be interested on continuing; then I got involved and it got away from me.
Thanks again!


Well, i am afraid you will have to start over, but given you already done it + its basic, you should be able to go through it pretty quickly :slight_smile: