New to codeacademy and seeking for help~

Hi all,

Nice to meet you! I am Hoffman and just new to here, and studying SQL through the data science path. However, I think the exercise is not enough for me to strength my foundation of writing query / algorithm, so may I know if any chance to get extra exercise to practice? I am now stucking at the churn rate. Thanks!


Hi there, welcome to the forums!

As well as the projects and tasks which form part of the SQL content in the Data Science path, if you go to your dashboard and click “Practice” at the top there are a couple of SQL focussed Challenge Projects which will put you through your paces applying what you’ve learned on SQL. :slight_smile:

Hello @kalokchau6005741371, as well a what @thepitycoder said, if you want to have extra practise, and more in depth-lessons (with projects, etc.) then you could also take the SQL stand-alone course.