New to bootstrap - a few questions


Hi all

I'm loving Bootstrap, but there are a few things I don't understand, perhaps someone could enlighten me?

  1. In the lessons I've followed and all the templates I've studied, the navigation is inserted in each page, which means that the "active" class must be manually changed for each menu item. If I add another item to the nav, I must go to every individual page and add the item. For large, evolving navigation menus this seems impractical.
    Is this common practice?
  2. I have studied many templates which have nice blog layouts, with categories, tags, comments, date and author info all styled. This may seem like a stupid question: where are the posts created - am I supposed to integrate the bootstrap environment with a blog creation tool?
  3. In order to create an admin "backend", what is needed to create security or user levels, and to determine what each user can see - e.g. member, editor, administrator.

I would appreciate any feedback, or references to tutorials which might help me.

  1. No you're correct in saying it is impractical because it is. There are ways to make it easier, stuff like PHP Include is really useful, if you want to learn more I suggest taking some programming languages.

  2. Creating a backend like that is a big job, there are prebuild forum services available such as IP board that have permissions systems built in.


Yes, it makes sense to include the nav and footer using PHP. However, you get into problems with the active class and need to use jquery to accommodate this. Here is a useful tutorial on achieving this:

  1. You will need a server side language to make a master page, put them together on server side, then send them to the client. And use jquery to toggle classes.
  2. You can create forms, which users can fill to create a comment, category's, etcetera. You can use django (python framework) or ruby on rails (rails framework) or php + framework to make this easier. RoR you can learn here at codecademy. Then store the data in a database, frameworks will help you with this
  3. I answered this by 2, you need a backend language, and it would be easier to the frameworks i mentioned at two.

Making a backend, a webapp is huge work, and takes a lot of time, since you need to learn it even more. Uhm.. you need to decide which language you want (html + css always, jquery i guess given your desire for class toggle, then php + maybe a framework, django or RoR.

Nodejs is also growing at the moment, but is not so organized, it can get messy quickly, but it asynchronous nature (which is caused by some magic loop) makes it really fast.

The advantage of nodejs is that it also javascript, and jquery as well. So you have the same language on front and backend. Some shop (could be walmart, something big anyway in America) before black friday, they switched to nodejs, there cpu never came above 1%.

Anyway, my answer becomes to long. I think you have some research to do, i hope this helps