New to all this - any advice?


Basically I am completely new at this and wanted to know if everyone could give any advice?

I am really interested in this. I'm liking the idea of in couple of years maybe being a front end developer.

What's everyone else doing?


My advice? If you want to be a front-end developer, start with html + css, followed by javascript, then jquery and angularJS which are both javascript library's/frameworks. That should be a really good start

Start a few projects, make a few designs/a website. Maybe set up a github account, really nice for working with other developers.


Hi !

Here's my advice. Look there's a lot of times where you want to copy & paste, but don't as later you're gonna need those skills. Also start with html and css. Then move on to Javascript, then jquery and angularJS which are both javascript library's/frameworks.

Here You Go!
Good Luck Bye!


My personal advice is to only ask for help after you've tried everything. Maybe you shouldn't spend multiple days on the same skills, but try to push yourself. I literally didn't know this existed until now, and I'm currently on Bootstrap! Good luck!


@rubyplayer77609 your answer has a bit which looks surprisingly look like my answer

One more piece of advice: spend time setting up your developers environment, choice a IDE/text-editor, learn the keyboard combination, looking for right plugins etc to ease development


Thanks all! - Everyone seems nice on here. Great start! :grinning:


if you want to collaborate with others to help build things. then you can learn git if you want to do that.


I'm always up for something. If you know of any projects or anything let me know :smiley: Will be a learning curve for me.


oh and if you want to learn how to modify servers like FB and twitter etc, then go to this website. P.S i think that website is better than codecademy. :grinning:


there are so many good resources, for everyone here, w3c has a course they organize together with edx, about the latest html5 tags/structures etcetra. you can find part one here, if you there, i am sure you can find part 2 yourself


Hi all! I am currently a 46 year old teacher getting very interested in coding of some kind. Am I too old?! I have been reading online about many different types: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Etc. Is it worth getting out of this teaching thing, which is driving me crazy, and getting into coding? It really seems like something I would love to do! Looking for some expert advice.


Hi rpetersen, first off, to quote you, " Am I too old? "
Should not even be an afterthought. If it is something you really want to explore why not? In this day in age there are ways(especially in coding) to not quit your day job and pursue your interests. Personally I wouldn't give up your teacher gig if you have a placement. From the experience of many friends who are teachers, seniority and benefits in your position are very competitive. There is a way to have it all. It just takes sheer dedication, intense discipline, and pure sacrifice. As a teacher I am sure you understand this. I hope this gave some help.

Also there is tons of info out there free and paid. So depending how you learn and what you are willing to pay monetarily or time-wise the coding world is your oyster.



Thanks so much! That really helps! There is just so much out there that I am struggling with what to learn first and then where to go from there. As I have said in my other post, I have been exploring some different types of coding. As of now I am going through HTML here at Codeacademy. Also, I was thinking about getting in with a coder and experiencing an actual "day in the life of." Then I would have a chance to ask questions and such.
Thanks again!


no problem! :smile: :smiley: :wink: :sunny: :blush: :smile_cat:


Here is a question for anyone who can help. I understand that Codeacademy is teaching all this through their server and it can be done right on any computer. But, what recommendations can anyone give as to the best type of laptop (mac, pc) when I am ready to do this on my own? I have heard Mac is the way to go because of its interface langugae, true?


Hey @rpetersen, most developers use either Apple or Linux, not many use Windows. Linux is completely free and open source, and built off of Unix just like Apple (although I'm pretty sure Linux came first).
I think that you'd be better off buying a decent computer that's not too expensive and installing Linux on it than you would buying a Mac, but that's partly just personal preference - I'm not really a big fan of Apple :)


what is this referring to? You can perfectly fine make html, css and js files on a windows computer. You could buy a mac, but they are more expensive (but have advantages, this guy nails it in his answer on quora).

I would personally always prefer to code on a linux, rather then windows mostly because of the command line (tail, head, grep, find, sed, awk, less, vim etc), it makes developing so much faster. And linux gives you far more control, you can simple tweak apache the way you need if you want to test something webserver. You can github from the command line, or with some plugins even from vim, it goes so much faster.

Of course, if you still need windows, i would simple install a dual boot.


i would have to agree with you too bad i have stupid windows


but you can install linux beside windows, linux is free :smiley:


Great! There are many at the site. Which Linux software do you suggest I install?