New small company website for a beginner in just a few months?

I have a dilemma, I have decided to start my coding journey a couple of weeks ago. I started on SQL and now am doing HTML beginners level. I am also doing the Full Stack Engineer career path. I made the mistake of telling a friend of my plans and now he has commissioned me with building his wifes website from scratch😧. She runs a small dog training company and wants a basic few pages up an running in January and then a booking and payment facility online by March.
I was going to turn him down as I am a complete beginner and I don’t have much confidence at this stage. However I guess this could be a great way to learn and have some time pressure wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Anyone with some thoughts about this and any advice?

Most of these features sound like they could be managed by a CMS. CMS is a lot more plug and play are requires less technical know-how. Writing a website from scratch is quite complex.

This also makes a lot easier for your wifes friend to manage the website. And it saves you a massive amount of code you have to write

Being able to decide on the right technology stack is tricky.


Even if you’re a complete beginner, I think this could be a good opportunity to learn as you go, gain experience working with a client & start to build your portfolio. Confidence will come as you spend time on projects like what you described.

Similar to what @stetim94 mentioned, WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS), might be the way to go. Knowing some HTML & CSS can be helpful in customizing a WordPress site, but I’ve come across this free Udemy course which teaches WordPress without coding: “How to Make a WordPress Website (Drag & Drop Builder)”. I myself haven’t taken this course, but it looks like it’s gotten some good reviews. Alternatively, you can look into using a free website builder, like Wix.

I think January & March are tight deadlines for a complete beginner, so I’m just throwing out a couple of suggestions to quickly put up a website. Once you’ve completed your projects, you can still continue to learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Maybe after you have more programming knowledge under your belt, you can then revisit those sites you first created to see what customizable options you can offer to improve those sites. I think that’s the trade-off with setting up a WordPress site without applying any coding skills or using a website builder like Wix: you’re able to quickly set up a site, but, later on, you might eventually find that you can’t freely customize your site the way your client would like.


You might also consider looking into building a site using squarespace. It’s pretty user friendly with a lot of pre-made templates. I think you can do a 7 day trial too so you can pre build some stuff to see how it works.


Thanks very much for the great advice.