New project completed: EDA on Diagnosing Diabetes

Dear lovely coder community,

I created a set of folders with Codeacademy Projects and just added: EDA on Diagnosing Diabetes.

Check it out here



Thanks I will take a look at your work. I was hoping to find more supporting materials, cheatsheets, video guide, on the Codecademy website. I feel the supporting materials and explanations for this lesson to be very weak. Many new concepts and functions are presented without much explanation.

Codecademy has not provided enough supporting material and training leading up to this exercise. I left to Google for answers.

Hey! I appreciate you posting your work here. I attempted to do some of 16, but I kept running into weird errors.

#Replacing instances of 0 with mean diabetes_data['Glucose'] = diabetes_data['Glucose'].replace(np.NaN,diabetes_data.Glucose.mean()) diabetes_data['BloodPressure'] = diabetes_data['BloodPressure'].replace(np.NaN,diabetes_data.BloodPressure.mean()) diabetes_data['SkinThickness'] = diabetes_data['SkinThickness'].replace(np.NaN,diabetes_data.SkinThickness.mean()) diabetes_data['Insulin'] = diabetes_data['Insulin'].replace(np.NaN,diabetes_data.Insulin.mean()) diabetes_data['BMI'] = diabetes_data['BMI'].replace(np.NaN,diabetes_data.BMI.mean())

This is how I approached replacing the NaN values with the mean, but I was getting a KeyError. Not sure what to do. Do you or anyone else have an opinion on this?