New Programmer


I am a brand new programmer(senior electrical engineering student) but very interested in learning client side programming and or creating servers i can edit. I am curious if there is anyone out there who would be willing to teach me how to set up a server (apache), use my SQL data base, and eclipse ee ide java to edit all of this stuff. I am working on a project that involves an RFID reader. the RFID reader has a built in program that has an HTTP post function. all i have to do is give it a URL. I need help creating a website that will accept an HTTP post from my reader, and show the reads on the webpage. then with this data, do a couple calculations such as time between reads, and overall read time. if there is anyone willing to help me through this and teach me, please reply. doesnt have to be everyday, can simply be whenever you have time to guide or teach me.



Wooooaah, woah, woah. Buddy, you need to know the basics.
Learn Python first in this site, then learn JavaScript. Don’t just go fluttering around HTML and that super cool stuff. You need to learn the basics of programming. Just go to this site, or order a book. You don’t need someone to confront you online.