New portfolio Website, looking for all kinds of Feedback!

  • This project was fun because this should help get my career started as a Web Developer.
  • It took me maybe 4 hours initially and maybe an hour here and there on some days to touch it up.

hey man !

I didn’t inspect your code I’m sure you are capable - but I can give feedback on what I noticed using your portfolio and seeing your projects.

really like some of your design choices(the shark page ! ), you can look through some of your websites that’s a nice touch ! (I’ve had to screenshot codecademy stuff)

However little things I would consider are when people do look through your websites they will find little things - (hard to read text, broken links, LOTS of info ! ) -

some things are intuitive when an icon pops, you feel you need to click it. when you have TONS of info its a bit overwhelming. if you cant read text its a little annoying.

also you worked really hard to code these - did you bump into any problems ? where there any specific achievements your proud of ? deadlines etc ?

some of your design is REALLY NICE ! there are some little hiccups.
I couldn’t get a feel for how you go about completing your projects.

keep up the hard work !
peace man !