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HI im new in coding. I want to make a website. Where can I test my code?

and also why and how do you get points?:eight_pointed_black_star:

Hi there!

You can download XAMPP which stands for Cross-Platform (-X), Apache HTTP server (-A), MariaDB database, which is also MySQL (-M), and the interpreters for programming languages like PHP (-P) and Perl (-P). There are plenty of tutorials for making your first website and learn to run it using xampp.

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You can make a model website on your computer with only a browser to browse it, and a text editor to compose it. No PHP involved, so rest that idea for a time. It will come up, but once you have a website up, not before.

Concentrate on learning HTML, all by itself. No style, no script. Just HTML. Study it, dig into it. Look into validation, standards, accessibility and best practice. Seriously, stick to HTML for at least two weeks, or more.

Once you understand the document and all its ramifications, the presentation is a fairly compartmentalized undertaking. That’s where CSS will come into play and when you can begin to realize your visual design. Think on why this is a secondary concern as the document goes.


ok ill do that. thanks.
Im h4x0r but I created a new account.

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does it work good for mac?

Yeah, XAMPP can run in different OS. If you only want the Mac version, you can download it XAMPP for OS X