New neighbors please Help me


zoo_animals = ["pangolin", "cassowary", "hyena", "tiger"]

Last night our zoo's sloth brutally attacked

the poor tiger and ate it whole.

The ferocious sloth has been replaced by a friendly hyena.

zoo_animals[2] = "hyena"

What shall fill the void left by our dear departed tiger?

Your code here!



I am not sure what the problem is, however I did notice that you are missing a code for the 'dear departed tiger'.

If you look at the code used for the 'ferocious sloth', it was replaced by a 'hyena'.

You merely need to replace the tiger with another animal.

Hope that helps.


finished. thank you haha. i will change the number of hyena. instead 2 i will changed 3



There must be three lines of code. The comment "Your code here", place your code beneath it.
But well spotted the '3', some do not realize that we count from 0.

Also remember the following for all topics-

Good luck with your code journey.


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