New Look Forums! (you can help beta test)

Hey everyone!

Really excited to announce the big reveal of a new project the Moderator team has been working on for the last few weeks! Hopefully all the changes are for the best, let us know in the replies below what you think of them…

You will have noticed some big changes already:

  • #community channel is alive and well, we’ve reopened some new categories to help you engage even more!
  • #get-help now implements a tagging system, this means if you make a post here you have to tag it with its corresponding lesson. This will let you get help even faster, and allows you to search more easily for problems with the lesson you are stuck on.
  • #get-help has new about posts to help you easily find everything you need, thanks to @zainabrawat
  • New colours all categories and subcategories have had a makeover to make them fit in with the overall feel of CC.
  • New Icons all categories now have an icon
  • #faq votes you can now give an upvote to any FAQs you deem particularly useful, and the category is now sorted on votes
  • #community:Codecademy-Bug-Reporting category has been reopened. Use this to report any platform or course bugs, and we will do our best to get them sorted. This will be a lot quicker than flagging a bug through the course itself.
  • New logo @factoradic has designed us an amazing new logo you’ll see at the top left
  • Locking down the top level, in an effort to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for we plan to lock down the top level of categories so users will only be able to post in sub categories.

Even more changes!

We have also been working on a project to make the forums feel as close to Codecademy as possible.
To see these changes go Settings -> Preferences -> Interface -> CC Theme -> Set as Default.

  • New CC Colour pallete
  • Sub categories now have funky SVGs to look the same as the Codecademy Catalog
  • The Top Bar menu resembles Codecademy’s.
  • Posts are now white cards on grey backgrounds to reflect Codecademy’s style
  • And so much more!

These changes will be pushed out as the default theme for everyone over the next week or so. Providing you guys don’t spot any major issues with them!

Let us know what you think of the changes in the replies below!

If you have any Suggestions and Feedback for anything else about Codecadmey or these Forums not linked to these forums check out #community:Feature-Course-Requests where your mod team and community managers (@alyssavigil @lilybird) will be looking through and trying to implement the best ones.



Have switched to the new CC Theme…

At first glance… I like it. Makes for a more coherent theme across the main site and here.

Will report back any bugs, if I find them. :+1:


That is exactly what we are going for!

I’m sure @alexcraig & @factoradic will be delighted to know that you noticed :slight_smile: