New Javascript?

is there going to be a new course for Javascript coming up that is replacing the current JS course?

i saw this pop up that said, its being closed down on the 21st of august.

i completed the course from “Introduction to JavaScript”, but it doesnt list it in the courses completed. it also doesnt show up in projects/lessons completed.


Yes, there is a new JS course coming

It should still show up at the moment?

under language skills

still nothing for the "introduction to JavaScript page. i actually had to bookmark the new JS page in order to go back and revisit the course. i still have the older JS course though which im working on at the moment.

the course isn’t released yet, so far i know. Yes, at the moment you have to do the old course

Is there a sneak peak of what’s coming?
Are you talking about node.js or actual JavaScript? Where can I read more about this? :smiley:

no, there is not a sneak preview

No, this an update for the javascript course (no nodejs). There are very few details yet, just wait and see :slight_smile:

can’t wait :grin::grin::grin:

Hi, @tropicaltaquito!

Since you completed this course, could you help me please?

I’m stuck here in this lesson: Intro to JavaScript/ Loops/ Loops 5. while

Thanks for help in advance!

please just make a new forum topic so someone can help you, don’t use a topic for something not related to the topic

Hi @stetim94!

So should I delay starting the current Javascript course until the new one arrives?

Thanks in advance!

No, you can still make progress in the old course, which mean you can learn more :slight_smile:

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