New Javascript course Summer 2017?

I was waiting for the “new” javascript course hoping it would be “new” and what a disappointment. Does anyone really pay for pro? If so for how long? I finished JS and jQuery in a week. No more content? No new content to come? Wow.
Good thing I got my refund and can move on.

Different people progress through the course at different speeds. Course development takes a long time, and I personally think that the course writers did a good job.


Bit silly to think that Codecademy is the sole / ultimate resource to learn web development.

There are currently two Javascript courses: Javascript and Learn Javascript. You’ve gone through both? Great!

Want to push further? Alright, give this a shot:

Read it through and go over the exercises, without seeking any help. If you find it easy, then you might be on the right path, and might wanna start looking at NodeJS.

Why not give Freecodecamp a shot as well?

Codecademy is one of -if not- the best resource to learn the basics of web development by getting your hands dirty and getting to write some code right away. That doesn’t mean you will be a Senior Developer just by taking their courses and be done with it. Web development is a fast paced, ever changing industry. New JS frameworks come out every few months. Do you master them all? Can you develop a front-end using Angular? React? jQuery? Backbone? Ember? Knockout? Vue? Unified?

If you got started right here, be grateful for that. They got you writing some code. Now it’s your job to keep up with trending technologies, new frameworks, libraries, and to keep learning through various resources to really hone your skills. What Codecademy is not is a Bachelor in CS that will lend you a job tomorrow. You want more? Dig in.

Disclaimer: just my humble opinion.