New-ish, Definitely need adivce!

I am hoping to enroll in a data bootcamp (data science) or coding bootcamp (software engineer) in the coming months but to determine which I started Codecademy pro and want to test a few tracks. However, I am not sure where to begin.
I started full stack this weekend and feel a little lost - maybe this is normal or maybe full stack is not the place to start.

I have some SAS and SQL experience so syntax is not completely new. I have a good bit of Tableau and Excel/Access experience.
Other ambitions are possibly a masters in econ - so maybe data sci makes more sense but I don’t want to close doors to something I could find fun, rewarding, or interesting.

Any thoughts on where to begin? Would more so like to do one of the career paths so I can lay the ground work for a career change but I am open to suggestions. Thank you!

Hello @jneff13 ,

I would continue with the full stack a little longer if you’ve just started this weekend. It can take a little while for the concepts to sink in. On the other hand, if you have some experience with SQL, maybe the Data Scientist path is a good place to start. The concepts will be easier to grasp and you will get a chance to learn Python.

Whatever you choose, give a chance. You start with building small pieces and build up to the bigger pieces. It takes time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the feedback @coffeencake !
That is how my mind has been bouncing back and forth the last few days - considered ‘code foundations’ as a jumping off point but maybe the ‘full stack’ and ‘data science’ routes contain enough information that ‘code foundation’ is not necessary as a primer.

I can make a case for doing both of the routes so maybe I will flip a coin and remember that either way I am learning good information!

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