New_input() not loading in console

When I am running the code when using the new_input() code it loads and loads and loads and then says “ExecTimeoutException: Program took too long to terminate.” So how do I fix this? Is it just me?


2 important questions first:

  • What lesson are you doing this in, can you link?
  • What does your code look like? See here for how to format code in a post: [How to] Format code in posts
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im doing this lesson

as you can see in my screen shot, the always get the loading error so I can’t test the ‘new_input()’ stuff.

After running this script you’d want to input text in the terminal window on the RHS followed by return. If you left this for several seconds without input you may get that timeout error (cc implemented, this wouldn’t necessarily happen on your own device).

ohh. ok. thanks for helping me out!