New in coding

Hello everyone! I am new student, started 3 weeks ago and i have done courses like HTML and CSS. I could understand all explanations and instructions for these lessons but i can’t say the same for Javascript.
I can fully understand the introduction for each lesson but when i scroll down for the instructions there are plenty of times that i don’t understand what i have to code. There were cases that i RUN 2-3 times then click SOLUTION and when i saw the result i say “aw i was asked to do that”.

Any tips or what should i do to solve this problem? Am i go too fast the lessons or should practise more in each java lesson and how?
Thank you!


I have experienced the same problem.
Have you tried clicking the “hint” button?
If not, I can’t really help so…


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

Yes, I feel the same way right now about the JS course. I get the solution when I can’t figure it out, and then find what I needed to do from there to learn.

I’m taking some time to go through each problem, and I am having a similar problem to yours.

The hint button is good when there is one. Try it. Remember if you’re stuck though, you can always ask for help here in the forums.

I hope this helps =)

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Can’t say i have’t tried that but i respect your thought and i will spent more time on each lesson. Thank you for replies!

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Your welcome!

Thank you :grinning:!

Good. If you have any questions, just ask us!