New Full Stack Path for JavaScript

I’m a pro user and the Full Stack path has just been changed. I’m following it and am about to start with JavaScript.

However I am confused, the JavaScript courses recommended by the new path tell me I should be following ‘Learn JavaScript’ but this is not an option when I try to add the course to my custom path. The other JavaScript courses offered in the general catalog (which are different to the four options listed in the custom path configurator for pro users) are ‘Introduction to JavaScript’ and ‘Learn JavaScript’. The ‘Learn JavaScript’ course matches the name I am looking for yet implies I do not need to use the ‘Introduction to JavaScript’ course. I am unsure which path, for following the ‘Full Stack’ path posted in the latest blog update from code academy I should be following.

Clarification would be much appreciated. Please note, any reply telling me they will all options will be adequate to learn from is not what I am looking for since several courses are being permanently replaced with more up to date versions. I wish to know which version of these courses is the one which will be the permanent replacement for the full stack.

Many Thanks