New Flappy Bird game using Framework of Javascript!

Hey guys, this flappy bird game is created using a frameowork of Javascript! Hope you like it give any suggestions and any edits i should make! Hope you like it.

If you get 10 points GOLD!!!
if you get 5 points SILVER!!

## Here it is

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personally i think the gravity is a bit too intense and could you make the bird a bit bigger??

Yes i can and i can lower the gravity, let me do that in a second. I will Say Updated when i finish

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UPDATED. Would love any more suggestions!

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maybe add a background and some sounds???

Yea i actually added some sounds, but there is som bug on it. Im trying to fix that

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and maybe add a pipe texture instead of some blocks?? btw not saying the blocks are bad

I will try to do that

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@amanuel2 Very nice work! You have gone beyond CC coursework and used a completely new framework which is really awesome! :slight_smile:

I would recommend adding a countdown “3, 2, 1, 0” or “Ready? Go!” at the start to get the user ready. The bird suddenly falls down on the first try which is a little disturbing :frowning:


@gaurangtandon thanks for that advice! Wow, i love that. WIll add a new State that is named countdown. I will update when i finish. By the way, i keep hearing CC What is that?

it means codecademy…


Hey! I added the coundown now!!! After the menu state i added a new CountDown State! Guys any other suggestions would be appreciated to improve my skills for my future! Thanks

Does your game have a UI too?

User Interface? I dont know what you mean by that.

Now i’ve saw it and played it. This is really nice. I would love to do something like this. How you do the UI?

Sorry, didn’t found it. Now i have played it. How do you do the UI? O.o

Ok so, There are many Frameworks of Javasript gaming. (Normally called HTML5 Game Engines).

This particular one im using is Phaser Framework, but it is really your choice…

Here are all the lists of the HTML5 Game Development Engines . With ton of comparison

You should take a look at the comparisons before randomly choosing one. I learned it the hard way :laughing:

Thank you. ■■■■, I would ask you a thousand questions. On a scale from 1 to 10, i would be a 1. I will pay a java course after the holidays are over.

Oh for Codecademy Pro? Awesome, thats a good place to go to!

Hope I will learn everything i want to know from there. I will do a HTML, CSS, JAVA, SQL, C, C++ and PHP course. It will take about a year, but ■■■■ it’s worthy.