NEW feature: Workspaces

Hey Community! We’ve been steadily rolling out a new feature that just hit 100% for Pro users - Workspaces.

TL;DR There’s a new make-what-you-want tool rolling out now with many features to follow this year, please give feedback!

You can check it out on your dashboard when you scroll down, or hit up{your-username}/workspaces.

It’s basically our learning environment ‘without rules’ so you can practice and build whatever you’d like outside of the constraints posed by lessons and projects telling you what to do. We hope that you’ll use it as a companion to your courses and paths to create as you go, getting comfortable with going DIY even before you hit a point in your learning where we push you to do so.

Please give us your thoughts and feedback! This is just our MVP today but coming up in the roadmap are things like:

  • More languages and frameworks - workspaces will eventually support everything we teach
  • Autosave
  • Sharing and collaboration tools
  • Take your code from a lesson/project to a workspace with one click
  • Access for all users - a (more limited) version of workspaces will be made available to non-Pro learners too

One of the best ways to learn is not just to follow a tutorial but to experiment and create as you go, and we hope this helps. What else should workspaces have to help you to learn better? :slight_smile: