NEW feature: Weekly Target Achievements

Weekly Target Achievements were just released to everyone! :rocket:

  • You can now earn and unlock new achievement badges by continuously meeting your weekly targets!

  • New achievement badges become harder and harder to unlock as you will need a longer weekly streak to unlock the next achievement badge.

  • To view all your badges, please access them from the profile page, under the achievements section.

  • Only learners that have set a weekly target are eligible for weekly target achievements.

  • If you have an existing weekly streak on the week of 03/30/2021, you will be rewarded an achievement badge for all the achievement badges that you’re eligible for (i.e. if your weekly streak is 5 weeks, you will be awarded the 1-month, 2-week, and 1-week badges).

If you have questions or comments about this new feature, please let us know in a post below. After all, we create these features for you! :smiley:


How far do these badges go? Like days/months/years

hey @wafflejz ! These badges go up to 2 years, but if we see many people breaking that mark, we might release some special surprises :slight_smile:


This new feature looks great. I like that it shows what’s required to achieve the next level. The badges for it are high-quality and meaningful, too. Kudos to the whole team.


HI I was participating in my course last week and I met met target, (3 days of learning per week) and I was not acknowledged with an achievement badge. I was wondering if that’s the case because what I was working on was not considered correct when I run the code?
Can you look into this please? Is there a prerequisite other than meeting the targets one sets for oneself?