NEW Feature: Smart Practice aka Spaced Repetition

Hey community!

TL;DR new practice feature - what do you think? Let us know!

It may not be news to you now to know that there’s a new feature out that aims to help you better get and stay sharp with things you’ve learned. We’ve heard for years that learners get overwhelmed even thinking about how to retain what they’re consuming, so we made practice smart to help out.

Basically we crunch your correctness, completion, and chronological data and serve you a personalised, prioritised pack of items to practice. We used spaced repetition, a proven pedagogical technique, to make it work. What do you think? How helpful is it, and what would make it more helpful? Something we are considering is automatically folding (optional, skippable) this feature into the process of completing courses and paths so that cognitive load (“when’s a good time to practice?”) is even lighter - is this something y’all would like? Let us know!


Nice, this is awesome! :raised_hands:

I think it would be good personally, it would avoid the situation I know I would fall into of just forgetting to practice as regularly as I probably should.


So, it seems very similar to the CC app daily practice thing that one can do every day, except on a desktop.
Yay! Good idea!

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Yeah! One difference between this new thing is that mobile practice is effectively random from things you’ve covered, rather than tailored to you. Would be nice to get the smart one running on mobile that’s for sure.


This is awesome. It’s going to help. Just wish it was also on the mobile app.

Yea. Like @notlyall said it’s greater so we don’t forget things earlier in a huge course.


I get a bug where all practice questions that requires me to type code (the ones involving an editor and terminal) starts off already solved…

Oh that’s interesting, mind sharing a screenshot with me the next time it happens (if it happens again)? I suspect this may be difficult to replicate. Thank you for sharing!

Yep still happening

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Thank you! These things are hard to replicate, so being able to narrow our investigations with some concrete examples like this is super helpful. :slight_smile:

I tried on Chrome browser and the bug didn’t occur. Tried again on Brave browser and it happened again. Also noticed that it takes a couple seconds longer to load on Brave browser. Additionally, the bug doesn’t occur on “lessons” and “articles” that uses the editor + terminal.

Okay that’s really weird, which unfortunately usually means it’s going to be a lot harder to track down. I like using Brave myself and haven’t seen this for my own account - does lowering its ‘shields,’ accepting cookies, and disabling extensions help at all?