New feature release: Weekly Targets

Hi everyone,

I’m Richie, a product manager at Codecademy.

Today, we launched a new feature: Weekly Targets! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We’re super stoked to release this feature because it will allow you to set a weekly goal and reward your streak on a weekly rather than a daily basis.

The goal of this feature is to help you build more sustainable learning habits since we found that daily commitment was difficult to sustain in the long term.

You can find this feature on your homepage banner as shown below:

Let us know how you like it by commenting below!



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How do I turn this off? and all other the other congratulation notifications?

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Hey @cerberus0013, currently you can’t turn off the weekly targets feature.

However, I will look into the congratulations notifications for you as there might be an issue there.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you.

Because the issue I’m having is that the congratulation notifications won’t go away.

If there are multiple notifications its the last one that stays, if it’s just one then thats the one that stays.

Then the notification just continually pops in and out when I go to the next instruction, come back to the page, and then just at random times, ect. And I’m not able to press the X to delete it or anything

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Hey @cerberus0013,

Looks like we’ve address the issue! You should be all set now :slight_smile:


Nice! I really appreciate this feature! Visual milestones such as the tracker/badges/and points really motivate me to keep going and to keep coming back. More incentives like this would be great, such as a way to redeem the points we earn, maybe for digital stickers or badges that show up on our homepage. Thanks!


Hey this is really cool. Thanks for the update. I just joined Codecademy a few days ago and this has immediately helped motivate me towards coming back because I don’t want to miss my weekly goal. :slight_smile:


appreciate the feedback @signaltwelve :pray:. Best of luck in your learning journey :slight_smile:

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