NEW feature: Code Challenges

Hey Community! We just released a new beta feature, Code Challenges. They’re programming brain teasers for pushing yourself that little bit further or practicing for interviews.

We’ve started off with a selection of questions that are reported to be asked at top companies like Google and Twitter, but there’ll be more coming that will be a lot easier as well as ones that get extremely tough. We’ve got some more features incoming like integration with the forums (like we have a forum FAQ thread per exercise), but we’re hungry for feedback before we release the next version later this year. What do you think?


This is awesome! You should have a forum or make a topic for suggestions for new challenges. Also, I am doing, and am I supposed to put an array in or what?


Lovely idea! I added a vote & suggestion topic here.

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This is good but what am I supposed to do here? Am I supposed to make an array or paste an array in to complete it?: