New courses

Hello Codecademy Team!

Could you please let me know when (exact date) some of the courses(as mentioned in the blog post) are going to be taken down?

What is the exact release date for the new courses?

I want to plan my courses accordingly.


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There hasn’t been a specific date determined for the removal of the old courses, but you can expect to see most of them disappear this summer.

As soon as Codecademy has specific dates, they’ll release that information.


Thank you @jibblyj. Given that there is a course 'Learn HTML & CSS - Part 1’, can I expect a Part 2 as well?

Also is there going to be an advanced course on Javascript in addition to the current 'Learn Javascript’?

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I’m not sure, sorry. When I get more information, I’ll update you.


Hi Makokam,

When we have news to share, we’ll let you know on forums, social media, and even with emails. Until then, stay tuned!