New Courses Release! 🤓 (Learn HTML, Learn CSS, Introduction to JavaScript with updated ES6+ syntax)

Hey guys,

Firstly, please take note I’m just a CodeCademy user here. I’m in no way representing CC team members though I hope someday, I would be. :wink:

I noticed there had been quite a lot of anxiety and questions regarding when CC is going to release those newer course and …

Let me tell you, they are officially being launched and ready to be explored ! :raised_hands: :confetti_ball:

Please refer to this recent updated announcement:

New Courses: :nerd_face:
Learn HTML:
Learn CSS:
Introduction To JavaScript:

In case you guys didn’t notice, they are all accessible from:

IMHO (tldr): It’s expected to have bumps and hiccups here and there when updating courses with such gigantic amount of CC users. Thank you CC team for the unwavering effort in believing free education while keeping CodeCademy updated and relevant. I think you guys deserve more appreciation, other than being the receiving end of users’ rants like losing progress, tracking points etc. It might be great though, to listen to users’ voice in Community-Lounge, Platform problems and Suggestions

That said, patience has been rewarded! I’m ready with my code muscles and I hope those who are reading this feel the same too! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Invited users who have been wondering: New Courses are here :star_struck:




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Let’s start coding. Enjoy and cheers! :smile: