New Courses: Learn HTML; Learn CSS

Hey guys!

So I completed the “HTML and CSS” course that is going to be deleted soon a couple of months ago, and I just started the new “Learn HTML” course. It is really easy for me, and I was wondering f there was some way that I could skip through the easy parts. Is there any need for me to take this course at all? I also know that there is a new “Learn CSS” course. Should I take that one?

Thank you so much! Any help will be great!

Thanks, Maddi

I think its really up to you, I am at about 65% complete the old course, and finished the new HTML, about 80% done the new CSS. For me the practice brings a better understanding and retention of the information.

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Thanks for the feedback @designsolver96976!

Something else to think about. if you have a chunk of the older course, some of you answers will show up in the new course. I have also seen it happening to a the other way as well

Now I also have to decide whether it is worth my time and money to upgrade to a premium account and go back and complete all the projects.

hi i’m currently doing the HTML and CSS course and i can’t unlock “the body” page what do i have to do?

Can you provide a link to the one that you are having issues with?