New Course Update Dates from/for Countdown Clocks Viewers


Continuing the discussion from A Fun Countdown to New Courses/Changes!:

So a little while ago I posted some fun countdowns to the dates of when the new courses and changes were to be made here: And still my link counters are clicking up so I figured for anyone who might still happen to pass by these old countdown clocks and wonder what in the world is going on that I post a continuation of them with the new course upload dates and changes dates from the edit blog post on (Thanks to codecademy changing dates several times my countdowns suddenly became very out of date and to skip and possible confusion I figured this was necessary.)

Summer 2017 — Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript new course releases
Summer 2017 — Learn jQuery new course release
Summer 2017 — Python and Ruby will be transitioned to new interface; progress will be affected
Summer 2017 — Learn Ruby new course release
Summer 2017 — Learn Ruby on Rails new course release
Summer 2017 — PHP and Make an Interactive Website course sunsetting
Winter 2017 — Learn Python new course release

ALL countdowns are out of date and wrong so please don't go by the countdowns go by the blog xD