New course PHP->SQL via PDO etc

Probably if your running a website you are not going to solely use PHP for functions and you would want to connect to a database. You cover OOP in PHP, so learning PDO should be a given with SQL or PHP. The fact is that learning the basic SQL without any lessons on sql injection is downright dangerous. Since code academy appears to be highly geared towards web development it should be an included lesson plan. I personally struggle with PDO interaction between sql and PHP. There are no courses or good tutorials for PDO use or even PHP variable assignment from SQL query’s so you can process the info. You could essentially corner the market and have a higher probability of Pro subscriptions if you have the only course of that type. Your PHP actual results processing is amazing utilize that with PDO lessons (carefully protecting databases with back end sophisticated code of course so students cant actually delete a table etc). Even if it was included in PRO I would have pro today and would in fact purchase pro courses from any site willing to cover in depth from the ground up PDO courses but there simply are not any to choose from.


I agree.

A PDO course would be fantastic.