New coding language?

Can you add C# to the options of coding languages?

While I know little to nothing about their plans, it’s a non-trivial task and not something you’ll want to wait around for

maybe I wish they would put c + and C++ into her and I understand that takes time but what plans do they has as in this website is this there main project or do they do other stuff

Well @youcantstopit,

we have a poll for that!
You can vote for which courses you want to see on Codecademy! I personally voted for Python Django…

Thank you very much!

Honestly I kinda wish they would update their python but I am doing just fine with it. I just feel someone who wants to learn all the new stuff couldn’t get alot out of it if they know this version and not 3x. but Voted for
Python 3x. then thought hmm why not C ++ so I voted for C++ instead