New coder, can someone tell me what kind of coding system this is

Hi everyone,

I was using a site a couple of months back that compared odds across multiple sites and matched sporting contest that best fit the criteria of close matching high value odds. What kind of code would be required to pull information from a number of external sites and present the information in the host site.

I hope I have clearly explained my question. Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me with this query.

You’re looking for an API. Here are some examples: 21 Sports Odds and Sports Betting APIs & Free Alternatives List - October, 2022 | RapidAPI

Are you trying to figure out what language to start learning? If you want to build a site that uses an API to show odds, start with HTML, CSS, then Javascript. Then you can learn how to build APIs into the site.

Thanks for the helpful Response,
The odds matching software was an example of the kind of thing I had wanted to create. In actuality I was hoping to filter certain types of products from various online store after the user had selected options from a criteria. Would this still be an achievable concept using an API?

Thanks again for the help