New Codecademy Theme Announcement

Instructions to change Forum Theme

You may all notice the site is looking rather different to normal!

Don’t panic, the Forums has been reverted to this default state to allow Codecademy to work on a theme that matches Codecademy’s new branding, which you will hopefully see roll out at some point.

While we wait for that to happen the Volunteer Moderators and Super Users have developed their own theme that is 100% Community owned and developed that you can all use.

If you have any suggestions for changes to that theme please make them in this thread or DM me.

To change your theme:

  1. Click on your name:

  2. Click preferences:

  3. Click Interface:

  4. Select Community Theme

  5. Hit save

And that’s it, you will have the old theme back!

Let us know what you think works well and doesn’t with the Community Theme and we will happily make changes.

Which Theme do you prefer?

  • Community Theme
  • Codecademy Theme

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