New Codecademy? hmm

Congrats on Codecademy’s new look - I guess you probably got new funding and hired new designers who want to show what they can do. As a long time fan of Codecademy, I’m glad for you.

But… honestly I haven’t found much REAL experience enhancement - just more colors to your website, which actually is distracting from your content, and that’s what I think is your gold. On surface things look slick, more polished, but no REAL improvement… instead I find it not matching the geeky, down to earth, no non-sense style that I associate Codecademy with. I used to be amazed by the rich offerings of Codecademy; now the whole site feels a bit…barren.
Maybe I’m just not getting used to a changed Codecademy, and I understand the necessity of change for a company to grow. So I don’t want to comment more on your new UI. I just want to remind you- if anyone in your company really cares ever get to read this-of the essence of Codecademy, what makes you unique, and why it was created in the first place.

Maybe you’ve made up your mind to part ways - it’s okay; I just feel a little sad because I genuinely liked Codecademy and have been recommending it to many people. Anyway, congrats and good luck!

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I agree,

Back in the day Codecadamy felt like a place where starting programmer’s could come for basic information on programming. I liked this feel and advised new programmers to start on Codecadamy to get familiar with the basics.

These days however Codecadamy seems to put a lot of effort in selling courses. With the result (for what i can tell) that free courses are seemingly less important.

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Hey there, my name’s Alyssa and I work with on the Codecademy team. On behalf of the team, thanks for taking time to share your feedback. We understand that when you take the time to share your thoughts on anything we’ve done, it’s because we have something in common: we both really want Codecademy to be great.

Along the lines of working to be the best we can be, there’s definitely a balance to strike between staying true to who Codecademy was on Day 1 and who we want to be as we continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of learners across the globe. I know you get that. It’s not easy, but I don’t think anyone expected it to be, either.

All that is to say: a little reminder of who the company was at the beginning helps everyone here remember what’s important as we continue to evolve. I like what you said, “geeky, down to earth, no non-sense”, and I think those will always be parts of who we are, new colors or not. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder, and please continue sharing your feelings with us here.