New codecademy Chapter in Berlin (Germany)

Hello Berliner,

thanks to @nikkibeach4160629933 we have now a codecademy chapter for Berlin. It’s also the first codecademy Chapter in Germany.

If you feel like sharing your experience and skills and supporting each others on the path of the coding wisdom, then join us: Codecademy Berlin | Join a chapter and learn together!

See you soon!



Hello chapter leader @nikkibeach4160629933 :smiley:, hallo everyone :wave:,

should we maybe organize a short weekly or bi-weekly meeting (like a zoom) just to know each other? We can also spend the time just coding “together” everyone on her or his stuff with a short presentation at the beginning of our overall progress, and about what we will working on during the session with a short final discussion if we were successful at it. Like a nerdy coding party. :computer: :partying_face: :robot:

And maybe we could also start to think about putting up the website of the chapter. :construction_worker_woman:

What do you think?



PS. I tag here also the people who liked the previous post as well: @thepitycoder, @lisalisaj, @codeneutrino, @victoria_dr, @r1549279853, @lilybird


Hi Stefano! Hi Everybody!

Thanks for bringing it up! As a matter of fact, I wanted to organizize a little getting-to-know-one-another via Zoom and was thinking of April the 13th for that, as it’s after the Easter holidays and should be a suitable date for most of us. I hoped everyone attending could tell a little bit about themselves, their goals and ambitions (codecademy wise but not only), so we could figure out how to proceed with the chapter in both the most productive and most pleasurable way.

Me personally, I think weekly and bi-weekly meetings sound like an overkill, at least for the “real” chapter events, I could well imagine that the events could lead to rather informal working groups though, where weekly meetings could be a splendid way to progress projects or pair-program.

Alles kann, nichts muss - as they say. :see_no_evil:

Meanwhile, make sure to join us in the Europe channel on the codecademy Discord server! Also, if you think April 13th is waaayy to late for a first event, make sure to protest! I’m all ears for your opinions.

Thanks, Tschö and kind regards! Wir quatschen!


Good ideas! Let’s see what other people say.

Maybe you could think about to link this thread in the description of the chapter, since there is no possibility to discuss stuff on that (and in discord information get just lost after a sec.) and start maybe a poll (like a doodle) on the preferred rhythm of the meetings, the preferred date and the preferred format, inviting the people already join and linking it in the description of the chapter as well! Just a suggestion!

Ciao! :icecream:

Hello! I’m fairly new to coding, doing Python 3 course at the moment - so I’m not sure what is going to be in a meeting like this but might be interested if able to join :slight_smile:

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Have you checked out the Discord server? Maybe try posting there as well?

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You totally should @r1549279853 !

I added links to the chapter page and also pinned this thread to the Discord channel! Thanks for the idea @arc0457576299 @lisalisaj

Also, please don’t get me wrong, but I feel like doodle is not laid-back enough of an approach to fit the chapter I envisage :grimacing: I’d much rather just say 13th of April and again ask everyone who thinks the date is a poor choice (either because one cannot attend at this specific date or because I’m asking for too much patience here) to shout it out loudly. :lion::loudspeaker:

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Hello all!

Great to virtually meet you.

I’m pretty new (I’m 10% through the data scientist career) to this but super keen to do a mini intro-zoom. 13th April works for me :slight_smile:


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I m Robin and trying to learn code now for 6 month now and i m happy to find here a community to learn together.

I nearly finished with the JS Path and at 44% from the Frondend Path.

And i will be there on April the 13th .


Hallo Robin, happy to see another JS-coder in here. I’m doing the full stack path (41%). Converted to front-end-path and the JS-path it’s 45% front end and 72% JS, missing the async part. I’m still looking for someone to try out the pair programming, so maybe we try it together, if you didn’t find someone else yet. Ciao, Stefano

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sure, I have written you a message. then let me know when we want to start .

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Hi there!

I was asking myself what the chapter could offer that is both undoubtedly useful but also unique to codecademy. And I came to think of something as a book club. Codecademy is recommending books that seem pretty good, so I thought it would be cool to have a group of people to talk about them (or any other books really that could help/inspire people that are eager to learn to code).

I already posted an event for next tuesday (rather hastily), but did not make any announcements yet! The first meeting would be to discuss stuff in general anyway…

What do you think? How does that sound to you?