I had everything working until I created the new route in app.js and moved my “view code” to home.html from index.html.

Now, I get an error. Apparently Chrome now has some weird security restriction about opening from a local file… The error I get looks like this:

Now, this “crossloading” restriction is a tough nut to crack!!!

I use VSCODE as my editor.

  1. the google solution is this:
    which is to run the file from the bash command line with ‘path to your chrome installation\chrome.exe --allow-file-access-from-files’

But this work around does not work! And I can’t figure out how to get VSCode to tack that argument on to the command to chrome when it opens chrome from within the editing environment.

The general advice on line is to open this from a web host… but This whole exercise did not set us up for that… and up until this point this was not a problem!

here is the link to my updated stuff on Github:

Does anyone know the solution to this?



Ok… for anyone who happens to see this comment… False Alarm. Case of not reading the full text of the exercise!!! There is a section later on that describes how to run the file from an “npm” html-server… which will resolve the problem I had here. If I could, I would delete this post! but … I can’t figure out a way to do it from this website! So… Be warned… (i.e. Don’t be a doofus! :slight_smile:

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