Never-ending cycle of loop


The code doesn't end where it suppose to end. It keeps repeating itself infinitely. Is there something wrong with my code that might start this and how do I fix it?

i = 20
loop do
    i -= 1
    for i in 1..20
    next if i % 2 != 0
    print i
    break if i == 0


Hmm, ok...well, firstly is loop do proper syntax? :wink:
Secondly, you cannot continue to reuse the variable i in the same scope. You must use a different letter to signify that it is holding a different value.


It doesn't appear in the reserved words list:


Precisely my point! Thanks, @mtf.


Thanks guys! I finally solved it! About loop do syntax, it was part of the example in the previous lesson so I'm not too sure.


As stated in the earlier lesson, this is the simplest method for looping, but we must never forget it is an uncontrolled loop and will run forever if we do not install some form of control. That's the basic message in these two lessons.


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