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Hello Everyone!

Here is in this presentation is Data Visualization Capstone Project I’ve done together with this jupyter notebook.
Please do rate my work using this rubric so that I would know where I am lacking. Thank you!

You can use this template:

Pandas and CSV:
Implementation of visualizations in spec:
Presentation and framing of visualizations:

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Hey, Do you wanna mutually review each others project?

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Hello, sure let’s do it!

Ok so after viewing your project here are my grading in the following criterias:

  • Pandas and CSV - 4
  • Implementation of visualizations in spec. - 4
  • Color - 4
  • Style - 3 (this was not easy to read, a solution would be to rotate the x labels from 45deg-90deg [your choice])
  • Presentation and framing of visualizations - 4

Overall, you did a Good job and clearly understands the topics taught. Keep up the good work!

Hey, really sorry for the late reply!
Thanks for the feedback!

Your presentation really caught my eye and its very readable and to the point!
Your use of labels, legends and resizing graphs were pretty accurate and made a big difference.

Overall its really a benchmark which I’ll try to achieve!

Here Guyz,

Please have a look and rate my work. ThanksThe presentation and here is the jupyter notebookJPYN.

In case the previous link does not work