Netflix capstone project

Hello everyone,

I completed this project awhile ago but am finally feeling brave enough to post it to the forums. Here’s the link to my github repository which contains the code and slideshow:

Well done! It looks a lot better than mine!

One comment though on the last graph, Dow Jones vs. Netflix Stock price: because both are automatically scaled them same, it is hard to tell that Netflix actually outperformed DJIA by a fair bit. My solution was to force the lower limit of the y-axis on each graph to zero using:

Which works, but now the lines are quite scrunched up toward the top of each graph, which is not very tidy either and makes it a bit harder to see the detail. A better solution might be to find max(netflix) and max(DJIA) and then use 50% of those values for the bottom of the graph range. That could be misleading though because it will exaggerate the performance of Netflix compared to the DJIA. I wonder how this is done in practice.

Thanks for the compliment!

And thanks for your feedback on my last graph. You raise a good point, which I admittedly did not pay much attention to when I completed the project. (But you’re right, I should’ve.) Your solution is better than mine, but I think your idea of finding max(netflix) and max(djia) and using 50% of those values might be the way to go. I agree, it would be interesting to know how these issues are handled in practice!