Netflix Capstone Project (for review)


I completed the Netflix Capstone project and would appreciate any feedback.

Do you agree with my findings, interpretations and usage of code?

Many thanks.

Welcome to the forums!
This is for the Visualize Data w/Python course, right?

It seems like you have an understanding of the data from the 3 csv files and explained the data well in your presentation. Congrats on completing the project!

Some other random thoughts:

  • On the last graph, the x-axis tick labels are a bit difficult to read. You might want to change the rotation argument to something other than “vertical”. You can pass in different degrees to see what is more readable. (ie: 70, 45, etc.). Like so:
ax.set_xticklabels(label_list, rotation=45)
  • Next steps to consider:
    I know that this DA course didn’t teach one how to install Jupyter Notebook on one’s machine, but it’s something to look into. Or, you can check out Google’s Colab (cloud-based app you can add to your Google Drive and based on Jupyter Notebook).

Now that you have a GitHub account, you can upload the 3 csv files to that Netflix repo. and load them into your notebook that way and then you can push your Jupyter Notebook (or Colab notebook) to your specific Github repo for this project.

I mention this because it’s a bit difficult to read a wall of code w/o seeing the output of the code cells that you’ve written (not your fault, that’s how the project is written). With (Jupyter and Colab) you can have markdown/text cells in addition to code cells.
It’s just a suggestion to consider on your data analyst learning path. :slight_smile:

This is great feedback. Many thnanks for the suggestions and time to look into it.

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