Nested loops
i dont know what to do here

you could add .log() call at the end of your code to see what is in you array:


I think you push the wrong think into the mutualFollowers array. For example, a mutual follower is bob1. But you insert bob1bob1 into the mutualFollowers array while it should be bob1

uhhhh Screenshot_760

well, that explains the issue? There is an empty string at the beginning of you array, which shouldn’t be

but idk what to do now

declare an empty array without empty string ('') for mutualFollowers?

uh wut sorry im dumb

when you declare/defined your array at line 4, the array isn’t empty. You declare the array with a (empty) string inside

the array should be empty.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH thanks now im not dumb anymore

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