Nested loops help

Hello, can anyone please help me understand what the nested loops project is please? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me.

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What language? What is the course/link to lesson? Do you have any formatted code to post?


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Sorry, Javascript

Here’s the link the to the course:

If you have some code that you wrote (including any error messages) you can post it (formatted) here, then people could help you.

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yes sorry, heres the code

// Write your code below
let bobsFollowers = [‘Jayden’, ‘Jack’, ‘Aarav’, ‘Aiden’];

let tinasFollowers = [‘Jack’, ‘Jayden’, ‘Chelsea’];

let mutualFollowers = ;

for (let bobsfollower = 0; < tinasFollowers.length; i++) {

I just need help with what to do on step number 4