Neighborhood Guides: Images 2 : no idea whats wrong here. answer plz


please can someone tell me why this code doesnt work the way its supposed to in order to pass this section. i dont even know what they are asking of me. angry and confused


i closed off the div class row and the first col-md but still nothing. i wanna punch a wall


figured it out. donno how to delete my post. i suggest making it more clear how to delete your post.


Good Afternoon everybody

I have the same problem, somebody known why appears this error?


Did you try this?


lol no i did not try that. :stuck_out_tongue: must have missed the white on off-white picture of an odd looking bucket. guess i should change my comps settings to high contrast. :stuck_out_tongue:

I solved my problem. i seemed to have too many closing 's took one out randomly and presto. nothing was learned. lol


You can leave it like that, or I can explain it to you -- it's up to you :smile:


I appreciate the responses but im gonna continue on and figure it out myself the best i can. I think i just needed to pay attention to closing my

's in the right order.


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