( Neighborhood guides images 2) Lesson 6 won't submit


Anyone else having problems with lesson 6 not submitting? I've reloaded it several times and still have the same problem.


When you say that it is not submitting, do you also mean that it is giving you an error message?

If you would like someone to look over your code, you can copy/paste it in here.

:green_heart: How to post code in this forum.


Nope. No error code. Just "waiting for goo.gl..." on the bottom left and "Connecting" on the tab at the top of the screen.


I'm not getting that here.

Are you able to successfully follow the http://goo.gl/0sX3jq and http://goo.gl/an2HXY with your browser?


Yep. No problem getting to either one. Here is a screencap.


Well, that's weird then :slightly_smiling:

You could grab the full URLs for those shortened links and put them in your code instead. That would bypass the "waiting for goo.gl" issue.


Trying that.
It doesn't seem to be working either.


Before you click on Submit, are you seeing the images in the web preview window?


Nope. Black screen with a frozen circle. I've shut down the tab and went back in several times and still the same thing. I'm going to close the whole browser and try again.


Shutting down the browser worked, but I had to change the image src back to the goo.gl.

Thanks for the help!


This was our troubleshooting course for the day! :slightly_smiling: