Neighborhood Guides: Grid (Add a second <div class="col-md-4">..</div> in the <div class="row">..</div>.)


Please help! I have been trying to finish this for a while and I just cant figure out what I'm doing wrong, my code is

< div class="neighborhood-guides">
< div class="container">
< h2> Neighborhood Guides</ h2>
< p>Not sure where to stay? We've created neighborhood guides for cities all around the world.< /p>

< div class="row">
    < div class="col-md-4">
    < div>

       < div class="col-md-4">
      < div> 

      < div class="col-md-4">
      < div>


</ div>
< /div>

and it is giving me the error

Oops, try again. Add a second < div class="col-md-4">.. in the < div class="row">..</ div>.

which makes no sense to me? please help


A div opening tag:


a div closing tag:


your div closing tags do not seem to contain a forward slash


Thanks a whole bunch! It's funny how something so small can cause so many problems.