Negative feedback for JS: Requests lessons

I’ve really enjoyed using CodeAcademy as a means to start my interest in programming, and felt as though, despite the lessons teaching you the utmost basics, it was good to at least start somewhere. However, after completing the JS course, I have to say that the last few lessons on JS Requests, quite frankly, sucked.

Throughout almost the entirety both lessons (1 and 2), you’re doing exactly the same thing: creating some functions which send the api request, making an if statement, etc, and just changing a tiny bit here or there depending on whether it’s a GET, POST, etc. In addition, there are almost no explanations given for WHY we are doing what we are doing, and this is absolutely crucial to helping someone understand why we should make the code the way we did it.

I know these lessons aren’t going to make anybody a fully fledged back end JS developer, but I feel as though I’ve learnt absolutely nothing from those last two lessons. I think they need to be broken down a bit more. Hopefully the mods will pass this information on so that the end of the course doesn’t let down the rest of the course.

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I tend to be in agreement here. Basically following step by step instructions to pass without learning.

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